Montreal 's True K9Connection Dog Obedience with Marco Stott

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Mission: True K9connection is here to serve your dog’s best interest by informing our clients on how to properly fulfill your dogs needs. There are many methods to train and create behavioral changes in a dog today. While many of them work, many of these methods will not bring significant changes in your dog. I feel it is our mission to spread truth and awareness that if we are to help as many dogs as possible we must be able to rely on all the tools and methods that are available. Big or small, hyperactive or anxious, fearful or aggressive, we can take the leadership role of your dog and turn him into a calm and happy canine.

Philosophy and training: The most important thing dogs require is a human or a group of humans that share the proper energy and the right knowledge to insure the dog's basic needs. Our energy has to be one that is calm and confident. How we feel and how we think can greatly impact the behavior of our dog. If we are feeling uncertain, nervous, anxious or fearful then the dog will sense it and react accordingly. Most people may already know this but often forget on how significant it is to create change in their dog's behavior. We help to remind people about this simple yet meaningful concept.

True K9connection is here to help people better understand the importance of how our everyday actions can affect the behavior of our dogs. We also believe that all dogs should know basic obedience commands which helps create a stronger bond between dog and human and of course a happy and confident dog. Fulfilling your dog's need is met through exercise and training. Those are his primary needs. When we start our day by showering affections to our dogs we are fulfilling our needs first. Successful relationships happen when the needs of our loved one are taken care of first. You create complete trust and respect with your dog by following this order. Also remember that dogs are not humans. They are dogs. Treating them as if they were humans 100% of the time can contribute to behavioral problems. Dogs have their own language and psychology. It is not the same as human psychology. We want to guide you to achieve balance and harmony in your house with your dog !

True K9connection is lead by myself, Marco Stott. I have a diploma from ICS Canada in Dog obedience and as an instructor. I have also gone to several dog training seminars and learned from various trainers with hands on work. Learning about dogs, dog training and dog psychology is an ongoing process. Everyday you can learn something new, every dog case can teach me something new.

Voici ce que vous allez apprendre en suivant les directives True K9connection!

-Philosophie True K9connection
-Outils – format et ajustement du collier
-Marche structurée : comment empêcher le chien de tirer sur la laisse, etc.
-Entraînement avec la cage
-Attendre pour recevoir la nourriture
-Former l’état d’esprit approprié
-Approche True K9connection afin d’éliminer le stress et l’anxiété, la cause de 99% des problèmes de comportement
-Dresser le chien afin qu’il devienne calme et détendu, suive les directives et soit bien dans sa peau
-Apprendre au maître du chien comment développer une bonne énergie de leadership ainsi qu’à avoir un état d’esprit calme, détendu et confiant


Here is what you will learn by following True K9connection's guideline !

-True K9connection Philosophy
-Tools – collar size and fit
-Structured Walk – pulling on leash issues, etc
-Crate Training
-Waiting for Food
-State-of-Mind Training
-True K9connection's approach for removing stress and anxiety, which are the reasons behind 99% of behavior issues
-Creating a calm, relaxed, listening dog that’s comfortable in his own skin
-Cultivating the right leadership energy and state of mind for the human – calm, relaxed, confident

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