VegeDog Supplement

VegeDog Supplement


Vegedog™ is a supplement used by caretakers to cook nutritionally complete home-made meals for their dogs. Adding Vegedog™ ensures that the home-made dog food contain all of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Preparing home-made dog food with Vegedog™ has a number of advantages:

  1. Nutritionally complete meal
    • Your dog is getting 100% of nutrients from a home cooked diet
    • If you cook dog food at home without any supplements, you must ensure that your dog is getting enough of Taurine, Vitamin D2, Vitamin A, and the essential fatty acid arachidonate; these are rare nutrients, which is why supplementing is the best way to provide these nutrients for anyone cooking dog food at home
  2. Full control over the ingredients
    • Cooking dog meals at home gives the ability to select the ingredients you want
      • You can include the ingredients your dog likes, and exclude those your dog doesn’t like
      • For example, you can include sweet potato and green peas, and exclude corn and wheat
  3. Variety
    • By cooking dog food at home you have many options when it comes to formulating various flavours, so your dog can always have something different, which adds excitement and energy to your dog
  4. Affordable shipping
    • Cooking dog food at home and supplementing it is the most affordable way to feed your dog because you only pay for shipping of vitamins and minerals, which have a small weight. The majority of the weight (and of the shipping cost) in dry kibble or canned food comes from other ingredients, but since you cook at home you buy all other ingredients from the local store and don’t have to pay for shipping of those ingredients.


Vegedog™ supplement for dogs provides the nutrients dogs require from non-animal sources, including: Taurine, Vitamin D2, and Vitamin A. Vegedog™ has been used by the compassionate caretakers of numerous dogs throughout the world and over many years.

Vegedog™ products contain the below rare nutrients dogs require, all from non-animal sources.

Dogs need dietary taurine (a secondary amino acid), but significant quantities occur naturally only in animal tissues.

Through biosynthesis most mammals make vitamin A from the yellow pigment (carotene) found in vegetables.

Vitamin D is another essential vitamin, found naturally only in animal tissues as vitamin D3. Vegedog™ contains vitamin D2.


Monocalcium phosphate, Calcium carbonate, Dried kelp, Taurine, Zinc oxide, Ferrous sulfate, Dl-alphatocopheryl acetate, Choline chloride, Selenium, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A palmitate, Ergocalciferol

SUPPLEMENT FACTS (per 100 grams)

Phosphorus 9971 mg, Calcium 24881 mg, Taurine 2427 mg, Zinc 411 mg, Iron 160 mg, Vitamin E 351 IU, Choline 238 mg, Selenium .28 mg, Vitamin B12 .1mg, Vitamin A 20448 IU, Vitamin D2 2200 IU


Use the kibble recipe (in the Vegedog™ instructions) to make a delicious kibble. Cut kibble pieces larger or smaller according to the size of your dogs. You can certainly have your own recipes, but do ensure you add enough Vegedog™ (see amounts below).


Dog Weight

Maintenance Measure

Growth Measure

5 lb / 2.3 kg

¼ tsp

2/5 tsp

10 / 4.5 kg

½ tsp

¾ tsp

15 / 6.8 kg

¾ tsp

1-1/5 tsp

20 / 9.1 kg

1 tsp

1-1/2 tsp

25 / 11.3 kg

1-1/5 tsp

1-4/5 tsp

40 / 18.1 kg

2 tsp

1 tbsp

50 / 22.7 kg

2 2/5 tsp

1-1/4 tbsp

80 / 36 kg

1-1/4 tbsp

2 tbsp

120 / 54 kg

2 tbsp

3 tbsp


  • SMALL  bag of Vegedog lasts a 44 lb (20 kg) adult dog for 1 month.
  • MEDIUM bag of Vegedog lasts a 44 lb (20 kg) adult dog for 2 months.
  • LARGE  bag of Vegedog lasts a 44 lb (20 kg) adult dog for 4 months.

      The Vegedog™ supplement can be fed for puppies as well as adults. Each container has measurements for growth as well as maintenance for various dog weight.

       *** All variants come in repackaged compostable eco-friendly bags. ***


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