VGRRR Wood Pellet Compostable Litter


Wood pellets are a byproduct of the timber industry and can be used as small animal bedding and environmentally-friendly cat litter.

Why switch over?

  • Clumping litters can create gastrointestinal obstructions if ingested when the cat licks its paws
  • Clay is obtained by strip-mining, which is bad for the environment
  • Clay does not absorb odors well. Wood smells good. 
  • Clay is heavy, and cleaning litterboxes can be a difficult chore. Wood pellet litter turns into a light, fluffy powder after the cats have peed on it. It's very light and easy to clean.
  • Soiled clay litter cannot be composted. Scoop poop from wood litter, and you can put used  litter in the compost or around plants .
  • Poop can be thrown in the toilet and flushed. Wood pellets don't clog up your toilet in small amounts.


  • Provide your cat with an option of using the litter she is used too. Having 2 litter boxes for 1 cat and 3 boxes for 2 cats is a good way to make your beast friend feel secure.
  • Go slowly with adult cats. Kittens may transition easily, but adult cats tend to be very set in their ways. 
  • Some cats, especially declawed ones, may never want to use this sort of litter. Declawed cats may feel pain in their paws on pellets. An alternative for cats that hate this is to use fine sand.
  • Keep the box smelling its best by removing poop daily and stirring the litter to keep it dry.
  • Change the box completely when most of the pellets have dissolved into powder.

 *** All variants come in repackaged compostable eco-friendly bags. ***

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