Sustainability with VGRRR Essentials: Nurturing Your Pet, Nurturing the Planet

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At VGRRR, we're on a mission to revolutionize pet nutrition with our plant-based supplement. Hence, we are excited to retail our VGRRR Essentials product and recipes, designed not only to nourish your furry friend but also to promote environmental sustainability and empower pet owners with homemade, cost-effective solutions.

Cultivating Sustainability, One Meal at a Time

At VGRRR, we believe in the power of plant-based diets to not only support your pet's health but also to reduce their environmental pawprint. By choosing plant-based alternatives, you're taking a meaningful step towards mitigating the environmental impact of traditional meat-based pet foods. With VGRRR Essentials, you can feel good knowing that you're contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet.


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Quality Control in Your Hands

One of the many benefits of preparing homemade meals for your pet is the unparalleled quality control it offers. With VGRRR Essentials veterinary nutritionist supplement formulation and recipe design as your foundation, you have complete control over the ingredients that go into your pet's meals. Say goodbye to mystery non human grade sources and hello to transparency and peace of mind insured by none other than yourself. Plus, homemade preparations allow you to cater to your pet's unique dietary needs and preferences with ease.

Economical and Eco-Friendly

Crafting your own pet food isn't just environmentally friendly—it's also cost-effective. When you purchase VGRRR Essentials supplements and create homemade meals, you'll save money in the long run compared to store-bought alternatives. Additionally, our product is packaged in compostable materials, giving you the control to reduce packaging waste by sourcing ingredients in bulk and minimizing your carbon footprint. This ensures that every meal is a win-win for both your pet and the planet.

Recipes to Savor, Feeding Guidelines to Measure

To kickstart your journey towards sustainable pet nutrition, we've professionally crafted two delectable recipes using VGRRR Essentials:

1. Wholly Frijole: A hearty blend of soybeans, pumpkin, and essential nutrients to nourish your pet at every life stage.

2. Sasquatch Squash Mash: A wholesome mix of sweet potato, soy protein isolate, and spinach, perfect for adult pets seeking sustainable nutrition.

And to ensure you're feeding your pet with precision, we've provided comprehensive feeding guidelines tailored to every stage of life, from kittens to adult cats, and growing puppies to adult dogs.

Kittens & Adult Cats

Puppies & Adult Dogs

Join the VGRRR Movement Today

Ready to make a positive impact on your pet's health and the health of our planet? Explore our full range of products, including our VGRRR Sweet Potato Treats and our special VGRRR Nutritional Yeast flavor for extra picky eaters. You can read more about the benefits of sweet potato treats for your dog HERE. Start your journey towards sustainable pet nutrition today.

Together, we can nourish our pets and nurture the planet with VGRRR .

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