Made With Love : Three Easy Plant-Based Treats for Pets

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Is your finnicky cat getting bored of his usual VGRRR kibble? Are you noticing your hundred-pound dog’s voracious appetite is getting expensive? Or are you simply a DIY enthusiast looking for a new creative cooking project? If so, you may be delighted to find out it’s possible to whip up some vegan dog and cat food and treats at home.

Adding pantry staples to your animal companion’s feed will help save money (but make sure you follow nutritionally-complete recipes!!) You’ll also be able to customize ingredients on your own. If your cat loves to lick the coconut oil spoon, like my rescue cat Pumpkin does, you can add extra coconut oil! And some cats and dogs are just like us; they can’t get enough of that “nooch” on their meals. Just make sure to use a brand adapted for pets.

Here are three of our favorite recipes.

Starch Solution

Got some potatoes on hand? Perfect. Here is a way to switch up your pet’s usual kibble meal: using a fork, combine 3/4 cup plant-based kibble, one boiled mashed potato or sweet potato, one teaspoon of Nutri-Yeast and one teaspoon of coconut or other vegetable oil. You can serve in two portions if your pet eats small amounts at a time; just make sure to refrigerate the rest!

Fibre Bombs

If you’re wondering what to do with the fibre from all these healthy green juices, look no further. VGRRR co-founder Sara Flame got creative and decided to cook up (well, dehydrate) a batch of fruit and veggie fibre into nutritious pet treats. Cats may not be fond of these, but dogs and rodents will! Make sure seeds are removed before juicing, and then roll up the fibres into one-inch diameter balls. Dehydrate (or oven-cook at the lowest temperature) until the snacks are firm and start to crack. Make sure not to overcook!


It’s time to meal prep… for your cat! This recipe makes a large batch of cat treats which can be frozen in silicone ice cube trays. Combine a cup each of pumpkin purée and cooked chickpeas, then add six teaspoons of vegtable oil (canola, avocado, sunflower, coconut, etc., depending on preference), a tablespoon of Green Mush, three tablespoons of nutritional yeast for pets (or more!), and a teaspoon of Vegecat supplement. Freeze in ice trays, pop out a treat at a time and wait twenty minutes before serving 🐱

Happy cooking!


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