Veganism and the microbiome, in dogs and humans - by Cendrine Audet

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Veganism and the microbiome, in dogs and humans by Cendrine Audet

In the journal "Science & Vie", we learn "[that] a Hungarian study has just highlighted the existence of a link between the gut microbiome, aging and memory performance in canines". In both humans and dogs, the more robust the microbiome, the better and stronger ones health and immunity.

The intestinal microbiome is a flora made up of 1012 to 1014 microorganisms. Trillions of bacteria which play an essential role in digestive, metabolic, immune and neurological functions. For there to be an optimal balance of microorganisms, the diet should include a large variety of plants.

The best fuel for the microbiome are foods of plant origin, rich in fiber, such as whole grains, legumes, as well as various fruits and vegetables. That's one of the reasons I like to give my dogs variety, plant variety. Besides my beautiful Végane (who has been the highlight of previous Blog Capsules), I have a 10-year-old Italian Greyhound, named Virgule. When I adopted her, she was 5 years old. She was a dog that lived indoors only, ate meat based commercial dog food, did not exercise, and had a dry, dull coat. In a short time, with plant based meals, and diligent walks, at the same pace as the large dogs of the family, she changed completely.

My little Virgule is now a very fit, very muscular little doggy! Her only problem, her teeth, which were already badly banged up when I adopted her. Now having few teeth, she eats soft foods, but varied. In her bowl, I like to put the Mélange Gourmet from VGRRR composed of a mixture of vegan dog kibbles. To this I add a little Gourmet Veggie Stew Canned Food (Oh! The dogs love these moist food cans!), I also add in pea protein, Nutritional Yeast, seaweed, coconut oil or other oil, and a little homemade pâté made with cooked and sprouted legumes, fresh vegetables, etc. In short, my dogs' meals are beyond complete, and everything is well moistened for my naughty and playful little Virgule.

Feed your dog a variety of foods! Just be sure to meet their nutritional needs. They have a much higher adaptability than you might think! By feasting on a multitude of plant foods along with their nutritionally complete plant based dog food. Their health, both physical and mental, will only get better!

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