Who’s That Cool Cat (or Dog)? – How to Keep Pets Safe during Summer

Pet health

By Lucie Battaglia, Chief Content Creator for VGRRR

Ah, climate change… For a few years now, it’s been giving us hotter summers each year. Did you know 2019 was the second warmest year on record after 2016, according to the World Meteorological Organization? I’d blame the animal agriculture industry and fossil fuels for this!

Politics aside, heat waves can be very uncomfortable for our furry friends and even pose a risk to their health. Protecting pets from sweltering temperatures is essential during the summer months. I compiled four easy tips to help your dog or cat beat the heat:

  • Keep your pets well hydrated. Change Kitty or Fido’s water a few times per day, and make sure it’s cool enough. Moist food is also a great option for pets in the summer, especially for those who don’t drink as often as they should.
  • Never leave your pup alone in the car. This may seem obvious for some, but dogs can die from heat stroke if left too long in a parked car!
  • Use props such as a cooling vest or bandana during heat waves. Dogs and cats cannot refresh themselves by sweating like humans do. And we can only imagine how hot they must be underneath all the fur!
  • Try rubbing your dog or cat’s fur with an ice cube. This is something I personally discovered with my feline friend Pumpkin. He was sprawled out in the shade and looked uncomfortable, so I took out an ice cube and massaged it on his neck and belly. And boy, did he ever get purring!

Keep these tips handy during heat waves, and your pet will thank you! VGRRR wishes you and your fur babies a wonderful summer of 2020 🌞

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