Wolfing Down the Kibble: A Story of Domestic Dogs’ Diets

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Tofu the Samoyed loves his veggies!

By Lucie Battaglia, Chief Content Creator for VGRRR

I remember chilling on a park bench, enjoying the summer sun, when a woman walked by with her adorable beagle. The dog was so energetic, and his human had trouble keeping up! I asked if I could pet the little guy, and she smilingly agreed. She then told me about the beagle’s digestive health issue and his need to be on a plant-based diet, which greatly surprised me. “So, he eats no meat?” “That’s right!” she answered. For a dog living on vegan food, he sure seemed healthy and full of joy!

A year later, I met Sara and Nikita, owners of the vegan pet food company VGRRR. They taught me many things about pets and plant-based kibble, including dogs’ differences with wolves. We imagine both need meat to thrive, but in reality, domestic dogs have been fed table scraps for years. All that leftover cabbage, potato mash and grains enabled dogs to better digest starches, which they can thrive on better than wolves ever could! (1) Well, was I ever impressed!

What convinced me about the merits of turning a pup vegan? Spending time with more dogs on a 100% plant-based diet! I assumed the diet may affect their health and energy, but they were such dynamic fur babies! One great example is Tofu the fluffy Samoyed, pictured above with his veggie bone. He’s always ready to play and accompanies his VGRRR parents on many cani-cross adventures.

Contrary to cats, who require a little extra TLC when fed a plant-based diet, dogs can easily transition to a vegan kibble. Just introduce more and more of the new food to his old familiar meals, and he will barely notice the change. You can browse VGRRR’s dog food shop today and send a message if you need guidance 🐶

Until then, the VGRRR team wishes you and your doggo a wonderful day!

(1) https://www.nature.com/articles/nature11837

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